Raindropreflections: This Year and the Next

Saturday, 31 December 2011

This Year and the Next

So, like everyone on the planet knows, it’s the day before 2012 begins. The year that the world apparently ends. *laughs nervously* That isn’t going to happen, obviously. Obviously.

coolest fireworks EVER.

2011’s been a GREAT year. I started blogging, I made the biggest decision in my sixteen-year-old life, and I didn’t end up regretting it! I went to amazing places, I tried some stupid things, and I found a pair of the CUTEST shoes ever. (I didn’t buy them.) (You don’t need flats more than a few months in Canada. DARN IT.) I discovered the YA genre, I read some of the most amazing books EVER, and I made amazing friends. (I’m looking at you, Bee, Nafiza, Eden, Aleeza!)

In short, it was a great year.

I’m hoping for the same in 2012.

Tonight, though, I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to an amazing year and welcoming the next. I want to see the fireworks. I want to see the expressions on everyone’s faces as the clock strikes twelve. I want to celebrate the coming year with the world.

So, here’s to you, amazing peeps. I hope you had an amazing year, and I hope that the coming one will trump whatever happened in 2011. Who CARES if the world ends in 2012? Do everything you effing can NOW! Because even though the world ISN’T going to end in 2012 (like, duh. Who said anything about the world ending? Not me. Now way.) this is a great opportunity to do everything you were scared to do before.

Let’s go out and live, peeps.

And read great books.


  1. It had better not end. I haven't read all the books I want to yet. Haha! I'll be so pissed off if it does and I haven't read the ending to oh say, a dozen series. But of course it's not. Ahem. Have a wonderful new year's eve, lady.


  2. LOL! I think that 400+ books are more than enough for a year, Nafiza :O And you have an amazing new year, too!


  3. *looks at watch*
    I'm well into the 2nd of Jan by now. But WHO CARES? It's never too late for a toast.

    Here's to you, my boycrazy, stalkerish kid twin, Rida!

    Also, this is no time for the world to end. I'm not published yet. Duh. AND I haven't met you yet IRL.


  4. It's never too late for a toast! Yay!

    And here's to you, my awesome, crazy-as-me twin! Also, those two things that must happen: may they come true ASAP.


  5. OMG Eden! *HUGS BACK*


  6. Wahoo!!! This is a great post. Yes, this is how you should approach everything no matter what.


  7. So glad you had a great 2011, Rida…onto many more wonderful reads in 2012! 🙂 *clinks glass*


  8. *clinks glass back* I hope you read some amazing books this year as well, Wendy!


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