Raindropreflections: Munki Moo Moo (Toni Brown) by M.E. Purfield

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Munki Moo Moo (Toni Brown) by M.E. Purfield

Summary (goodreads):

 Toni Brown knows it’s wrong to visit a Rock God’s motel room, and now she has no choice but to deliver a package for him.

The package: A mischievous yellow-eyed baby that eats grass and causes earthquakes.

The destination: Munki Moo Moo.

But where the hell is that and can she get the package there before monstrous inter-dimensional creatures kill her.

Munki Moo Moo is the first in a series of dark fantasy novellas that follow the surreal and absurd adventures of 15-year-old Toni Brown.

My Thoughts

See that cover there? Isn’t it freakish and unforgettable? That’s how this book was. I couldn’t look away without carrying a bunch of thoughts with it.

I’ve read jesus freakz + buddha punx by this author, and I loved it, so I was totally looking forward to reading this book. But it turned out to be nothing like the other book. In fact, it isn’t like any book I’ve ever read before.

I suppose it was a sequence of events that took place in different realities. But some part of those realities manifested in the real world…?

Whatever it was, this book boggled my mind. It didn’t make any sense, and yet I wanted to keep reading, if only to figure out what the heck was really happening. It was a bit like being high on something, I swear, reading this book. I kept wondering if the protagonist had taken mushrooms or something and was narrating what happens when you do drugs.   

But in the end, I realized that a) this is the craziest urban fantasy I’ve ever read, and b) I didn’t get any of it, but it’s still stuck in my head. M.E. Purfield has amazing characterization, so of course the characters were what shone through. The main character Toni was real, and so was Gaa, the weird mutant/alien baby/Package. I hated all the bad guys, though for a while it was unclear who was a bad guy and who wasn’t, because this world was so messed up.

Parting Thoughts: I thought it’d be pretty much impossible to like a book that made no sense to me, but where things fell into place one after another. I couldn’t stop reading, and even now, every time I think of the mutant baby Gaa I get goosebumps.

Rating: 4/5. A mind-boggling, unique concept.

Note: I recieved this ebook for review from the author.

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  1. Oooh sounds like it left an impact! Wonderful review 😉


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