Raindropreflections: How Did YOU Discover Harry Potter?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

How Did YOU Discover Harry Potter?


When I first came to Canada, I was a puny, quiet kid who loved reading… but didn’t actually read much past comic books. And my very Canadian, very much taller cousins (who’re actually about the same age as me) always did things better, had a real live American Canadian accent were really into this story about a boy with a lightning-shaped scar who flew on broomsticks and did other magical stuff.

It sounded cool to me, so I, being the puny immigrant kid without the cool American Canadian accent, picked up one of the thickest books I’d ever seen- called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire– and started reading. I put it down after reading the weirdest chapter EVER. After that, I didn’t attempt to be like my cool Canadian cousins.

The thing was, I was eight when I first discovered Harry Potter. I also picked up the fourth book in the series, so of course I’d be like HUH every two seconds. I did know this: the Harry Potter books involved somebody called Wormtail, a scary snake, and dead people.

A year later, an older girl I knew told me to read Harry Potter when she saw that in three days, I read the sixteen detective books she got me. And this time, I started with the first book.

And I am so glad that all these things came together for me.

MAN OH MAN it was an adventure. I’ve read every book in the series a minimum of ten times, and I still love Harry Potter enough to cry EVERY time I read that one chapter in which Snape reveals his true character. I’ve grown up with the Harry Potter books. I read them while I adjusted to a new country, while I got my American Canadian accent, and of course, navigated my awkward elementary (that’s middle school for Americans) years.

I love the magical world JK Rowling wove for us all, and I love it enough to still hope for a Hogwarts letter every year. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who did this.) As a reader and as a writer, JK Rowling has given me and everyone else out there an amazing gift: she told us that nothing is impossible. Ever. I thank her for that.

Well, that’s my story. How did YOU discover Harry Potter? 


  1. Dude, I read the FIFTH one first. XD It was because my parents had no other ideas of what to get me for Christmas… of course they didn't bother to check any other details about the book. 😛 I really need to re-read it — I was so young when I finished some of the books, I think some of the subtler things definitely escaped me. Like, I've been thinking about the fourth one (as you mentioned) more, and WOW do I find Viktor Krum attractive.

    (So much for "subtler things". XD)


  2. That's such a sweet story. 🙂 I've always known about HP pretty much, but avoided or just didn't read them until this past winter. Then I fell in love and after my best friend and I had a HP movie marathon. It was sweet!!! 😀 I love Harry Potter. <3


  3. HAHA. I found him more attractive AFTER I saw the movie, LOL. But yeah, I get what you mean. THAT IS SUBTLER. Truly.


  4. I'm late but I HAVE TO comment on everything that has anything to do with Harry Potter.

    It was '98 and I was 8 when I bought my first HP, and I bought the 2nd one first, so basically I entered the HP word with the Great Basilisk Adventure and it was oh-so-mindbogglingly awesome for my 8 year old self, it sparked off a love that has gone down in history. Seriously. HP and me? Eternal soulmates.


  5. Eternal soulmates indeed. *sighs* too bad it's over. I'm going to re-read those seven books for the rest of my life.


  6. I started with the Chamber of Secrets. I love this post; Can I post a replica of this on my blog?


  7. For sure, Hamza. 🙂


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